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Undying Devotion
by david  halstead

This burden of delicate desire,
Forces your emerald eyes toward me. 
That which punctures my soul, the blue of sapphire.
Your body, so fine to the touch, wrapped in fine silk attire.
Your body, your soul, someday I desire to acquire.

The sense of freedom upon your wings sets my emotions afire.
Come render my aching heart and set my dreams higher.
Our hands one-day will touch and embrace.
One day we will be in one another's presence and know our place.

Patience is a virtue; a long wait is past due,
Waiting for you to cover the scars upon my face.
Your soft, sensual fingertips send chills through my spine.
My time with you seems so divine.

The cutting of the blistering wind rustles through the trees
I am clean, so I presume, 
Yet I am cheated; why am I the person on his knees?
The cumulous clouds, so puffy and white,
Soon turn black to bring upon the night.

I dream, though I cannot have what is in sight.
Alone always at night, I continue to put up a fight.
Not aware what I am fighting against,
I am asking you, Lord, to watch over me as I am cleansed and rinsed,
Rinsed of the harsh sins within

My last chance to rejoice
Can be chosen by the terms of my voice.
There are joyous opportunities that lie ahead.
I can be rewarded with hopes and prayers,
For I am a non-forsaken peasant who is being led.

Bring me forth to the Promised Land.
Bathe me in the river and I hope all will understand.
I am not here for my own good.
I am here for a helping hand and a better livelihood.
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Poem ID: 64376   Poem Posted: 8/26/2001
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