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of something invisible
by David  Fronius

i watched as she slept
somehow she sensed it
extending an arm out to cross
the vastness to my chest
hand landing on heart
seemingly trying to grasp hold
of something invisible

having a warm body by your side
may feel like comfort food,
may feel like security,
may feel like love
or is it ~ does it feel?

i watch as her eyes open
waking from her dream world
wondering what she is thinking
or feeling, as she looks at me

she somehow sensed it,
a smile appears as
her hand moves to caress
forehead to lips
retracing lines of a face,
her dream, or her reality?

she is like a rose in bloom
awakening from it's sleep
seeing the bud but not truly knowing
what lies inside

though you know she is beautiful
somehow you sensed it-
petals slowly opening
anxiously awaiting the moment
when all is shown to you

but does the flower ever really know
who she shows herself to?
who appreciates her beauty?
who loves her?

i extend a hand out and cross
the vastness to her face
seemingly trying to grasp hold
of something invisible
but I am awake
and she is still
a flower in bloom...
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Poem ID: 25877   Poem Posted: 12/18/2001
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