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Is it?
by Donna Rose Escober

"'Tis better to have loved and lost 
than never to have loved at all." - 
                 Alfred Lord Tennyson

is this true? 
is it really better 
to have loved someone... and loose them? 
is it really better to have felt pain 
that was caused by the one you loved? 
is it better to have been in a position 
where you're the only one giving all the love 
and receiving none back in return?

they say falling in love 
is giving someone the power to destroy you 
and trusting them not to.
the worst feeling in the world 
is being hurt or betrayed 
by the person you trusted the most. 

but all this is just part of life, so they say... 

i guess not having been in love with someone 
saves you the pain of breaking up. 
you are oblivious to the feeling of pain or loss. 
and you are trusting someone will never be hard 
because you have no idea that trusting comes with a price.

so, is it really better to have loved, 
than to have never loved at all?

i guess getting hurt teaches the heart to be strong. 
it teaches the mind to be brave 
and it prepares you for disappointment.
having too much expectations or too little 
can be damaging to your mind. 

learning how to love just the right amount 
is better than not loving at all. 
this way if you do get hurt, 
it won't be so bad and maybe just maybe 
you can pick up the pieces and start all over again.
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