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by Bad  Boy

I once met someone who told me to believe in a thing called destiny. 
At first I was reluctant to buy into that destiny theory 
but if you saw what I did when she spoke.... 
It was like time stood still 
and all I could see was the beauty of her face.

Have you ever looked at someone and sworn 
that there was a glow around him or her as if it were angelic?
Has someone ever touched you and made your whole body freeze
because of the excitement you felt run through you?

When I looked into her eyes, it was like staring into eternity 
The best way to describe it... 
was looking into the depths of my very own soul,
seeing a part of me I have never seen... through her eyes.
It was like being blind and all of a sudden 
being given the gift of sight.

The hardest part of the whole thing was having to say good night. 
All I wanted to do was grab her and never let her go 
but who was I fooling. 
No one can hold a star without getting burned, 
No one can look at the sun for too long without going blind, 
No one can hold his breath for long... 
without drowning in the ocean of her eyes. 

When I think about her, I don?t think about her incredible beauty- 
I think about the way she has touched my heart, 
the way she touched my soul, 
the way she convinced me to believe in destiny. 
I thank her for opening my eyes.
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Poem ID: 41126   Poem Posted: 1/16/2001
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