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The Cruelty of Dreaming
by   Transient by Nature

Hypnotized by the harmony of Cupid?s lyre,
And kindled by the warm glow of the failing fire,
As the sweet smell of incense seduces my mind,
Your luscious, lovely lips so softly touch mine.

Few precious seconds of lingering love,
As my mind wanders the heavens above,
Nescient to the rain and the billowing wind,
Until I rouse from my dream in deep chagrin 

I couldn?t have asked for a more perfect day
The cool air stealing my sad thoughts away
The rain on my face conveniently masking my tears,
And the thick veil of clouds softly snuffs my fears.

The grey skies reflect my mood so well,
And when the path ends I know it will hurt like hell
So, I breathe deep and savor each breath as it comes
And relax as the moist air cools the fire in my lungs.
I don?t know how much longer my heart may live
Love lost may take my last love to give
I don?t think I can take it if things keep going this way
If I could stay blue and my let skies stay grey,
Then no one can take my blue sky away.
But I?ll never again see a sunny day.

All I want is my sky to stay the same color,
Blue, grey, green, just one or the other.
Which one is beginning to lose meaning to me,
Hope's not lost completely but it's fading gradually.
It's hard waiting to find out how things will ultimately be,
But I'm afraid only time will tell which color I'll see.
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Poem ID: 85683   Poem Posted: 1/21/2007
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