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by   Michael

You spoke of one to hold you close,
To get you through the night, 
I count my lonely hours now,
In dreams of how I might.

As lightning builds and thunder rolls,
The hiss of rain draws nigh,
You come as in a vision
My dancer in the sky.

And when the storm has rumbled on,
The spirit stays behind,
To fill my night with wonder,
If only in my mind.

Could you sleep the night in peace,
Your nightmares held at bay,
If the dragons that so haunt you,
In fantasy I'd slay?

Would you give yourself to me,
Allow me what you prize,
To lose myself within you,
As wished for in your eyes?

Leaves before a gale are caught,
Spun skyward on the air,
Where in the starlit heavens,
Danced one, go now a pair.

Our music a lovers' tango,
On storm of passion born,
We trip the light fantastic,
Until the pale of morn.
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Poem ID: 7664   Poem Posted: 9/21/1998
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