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The Burn of Fire
by Leesha  Broberg

Torn hearts,
Broken dreams,
Fading memories.

Peirced thoughts,
Dying souls,
Unending tears.

Lost feelings,
Shattered hopes,
A forgotten, withered rose.

The charred remains of a burnt out love
Never to be forgotten 
Left to linger in my aching soul, forever

I had no choice but to accept my fate
That you no longer wanted me 
I was simply brushed aside, as you moved on

You said you no longer felt the same about me, 
And about us
You no longer loved me the way you said you did 

My heart was crying for you to change your mind
And tell me you made a mistake
But you never did

I wanted you to think i was strong 
So i held in all my feelings 
I made it look that way

My friends thought i would be alright
But they couldn't tell either
I was dying inside without you

I am still afraid to look at you
Your face is too familiar 
And, in your eyes i see all of our memories....
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Poem ID: 6045   Poem Posted: 7/3/1998
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Copyright , 98, Leesha Broberg  all rights reserved by the author.
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