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Your Love
by Kristin  Green

I put all my strength into building walls and creating barriers-
   My own little sanctuary just out of the public eye.
Then, like a mystical creature from a storybook, you appeared-
   And taught me that I did not have to hide.

Constantly pushing away my fears and insecurities-
   You took my blind heart and taught me to see.
Installing hopes and dreams I thought I had left far behind-
   Lost somewhere in my past.

You taught me that some things are meant to last.
   Reassuring my uneasy mind- 
Allowing me to fall into the abyss of your love.
   A daily reminder of all good things yet to come.

Slowly, one by one, my fears disappeared-
  Vanished into thin air.
Like a magnificant light- your love came out of nowhere.
  Coaxing me out from behind my shadow-

Telling me to notice all of my good qualities.
   And, amazingly enough, 
Somehow you have forced that shadow 
   To hide behind me.

So take these words, keep them deep inside your heart 
   And remember them always...
I love you with my complete mind, body and soul 
   From now 'til eternity.
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Poem ID: 23473   Poem Posted: 11/27/1999
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