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A Picture Of Us
by James L. MickeyPigKnuckles

Through my words of poetry, I want to paint, 
A Picture Of Us.
Heartfelt, meaningful words; I'll paint my mood, 
in shades of warm passion.
As I begin to write, I paint my soul, 
to be one with only you.
Sentences begin to grow, I paint my heart, 
with your love so true.
Now is the time, that I sketch my lips, 
gently kissing you.
I can?t forget to paint Your arms 
wrapped around my waist. 
Oh perfection, keep your hand there, I won't erase.
Slowly, I'll draw my hand, 
to wipe away your tears.
Holding and comforting you, 
while quelling all your fears.
So much joy in painting our silhouettes, 
darker here- then light.
Kissing and holding one another 
so very tight.
Writing now, my sincere love 
deeply in your heart.
Chewing the eraser so you, my love, will never part.
How about a word of the shining stars up in the sky
Their brilliance draws the warm sparkle 
right through your eye,
This painting, almost done, 
so perfect, beautiful, and fine.
The finishing touch is drawing you close, 
making you mine.
Completion at last, I paint this picture of you and me,
Two becoming one, sharing devoted love
through eternity! ! ! ! !
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Poem ID: 82837   Poem Posted: 4/26/2006
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Copyright , 2005, James LeRoy McHenry  all rights reserved by the author.
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