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Sleep Well, Sleep Well
by Thomas Ceasar Tomei

I awoke to the sound of chirping birds, 4:30 this morning
I found myself still sleeping on the couch-
It's where I cried myself to sleep last night

I turned on the TV and watched "Ghost"
It seemed to be an appropriate movie for how I felt,
How ironic!
And as I watched,

I wondered,
Well, I wondered if...
If Lisa was here in the room with me now
I wondered about that for awhile 
But could only hear her last words   
On my answering machine- 

"Hi, this is your ex-wife, the 'enemy'.      
Ha-ha, he-he.
You sounded concered on the phone last night 
And I just wanted to let you know 
That I'm being admitted to the hospital      
And I'll talk to you later."

I was the last person she reached out to, 
On the last day of her life
The last thing I said to Lisa was at the hospital-
I knelt down on one knee, 
On the cold concrete floor before her,      
And as I kissed her warm forehead, 

I told her that my mother and I loved her. 
I stoked her soft auburn hair and told her to sleep well,  
"Sleep well, my love. I love you." 
Nothing can hurt you anymore.

It's funny, but her forehead was warm even though she was dead
It was as if she was waiting for me to get there before she could go
We shared more in our 8 yrs together 
Than most people share in a lifetime

For all who read this, 
I want you to know that I don't cry for Lisa, 
'cause she is in a far better place than you or I are in; 
a happy place; a peaceful place,
At least I'd like to think so. 

I cry for me 'cause I lost my best friend. 
I lost my "Puddin". 
We may have been alot of different things 
at different times to each other 
but we were always... best friends.
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Poem ID: 2741   Poem Posted: 3/22/1998
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