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It's All 'Cause I Love You
by Amanda Ruth Donovan

When I close my eyes I see a vision of you standing there.
I could hold you forever, as if I was with my favorite teddy bear.
I want to touch your face and feel your warmth of love shine through.
I want you to know it's all... 'cause I Love You.

You've made me feel things I have never felt in my heart.
I think we are two perfect hearts on to a great start.
You make me feel like I am the world to you, you are my world, too.
A simple reminder- it's all... 'cause I Love You.

When you're asleep each night, tucked into your bed,
Giving you a tender kiss goodnight is something I do not dread.
A hug to follow and another kiss is my bedtime wish.
And once again it's all... 'cause I Love You.

Deep inside me there is a person I had never seen
you have opened me up so I could see the real me.
And once again it's all... 'cause I Love You, 
...and 'cause You Love me, too.

You're the perfect star in the sky above,
The one I wish upon with all my love.
The twinkle is so bright it reminds me of the spark
That appears when we kiss in the dark.

You live in my soul and I love you a lot, 
I have cleared my heart, so it's all your spot.
And once again, it's all... 'cause I Love You.
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Poem ID: 47453   Poem Posted: 10/6/2000
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Copyright , July 18, 1998, Amanda Ruth Donovan  all rights reserved by the author.
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