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Her Eyes
by   D.J.G.

Uncommon are the portals to her soul--
     deeper than the ocean,
     brighter than the sun,
     a beauty as timeless as the Universe.
Reaching out,
Out of reach,
I look into them, fall into them,
     descending deeply downward,
     falling freely forever.
They caress my soul
When they meet with mine--
     sensual pleasure,
     psychological ecstasy--
     flesh ablaze with insatiable desire,
     sudden seduction with a single glance.
A careless coup d'oeil uncovers carefully concealed compassion--
     expressive eyes emanate emotion,
     as hers do exude erroneous vehemence,
     so do they diffuse discernible regard.
Lunar light is mirrored in her eye.
She looks alluringly toward me--
     yearning for our hearts to touch,
     union of our souls,
     the love of two as one.
As a blind man without feeling,
     so am I lost.
As a poet without words,
     so am I useless--
     utterly ineffectual.
     So I am... without her.
The way she looks at me 
     enraptures me,
     it captures me,
     I cannot escape.
Her eyes beckon,
     entice my entire entity,
     quiet quintessence lured lasciviously into love.
They are superfluously sexy,
     undeniably demure,
     forever and never
     hers and mine.
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Poem ID: 28616   Poem Posted: 3/29/2000
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