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Til The End of Time
by Sarah A. Bruss

I can't begin to describe
the feelings I have for you.
When you look deep into my eyes,
what it makes me do...

My lips begin to tremble,
my heart begins to ache.
My knees go weak and shaky,
my hands begin to quake.

I've never really expressed myself, 
my feelings I keep in a jar.
But through this poem I'll tell you
what they really are.

I feel your presence when you're near,
and for your touch my body cries.
But when you smile and walk away-
my heart, my soul... it dies.

You're aware, I'm sure you know
of my everlasting devotion.
To you it's a game, you play hard-to-get,
you're toying with my emotion.

In my dreams, we dance on clouds,
until the mornings dew.
When will you come to realize
that my heart belongs to you?

You're my only fantasy
the darkest hour of the night.
I gaze at you, I kiss your cheek,
draw you close and hold you tight.

I open my eyes, looking for you
at the breaking of the dawn.
But your place, for now, is in my dreams
and, once again, you're gone.

I'd give myself to the Devil
if I could have one kiss from you
To capture that heavenly moment
I don't know what I'd do.

I need your love and compassion
I need you by my side.
Once I thought I couldn't have you,
so I just sat down and cried.

If I can't have your love just yet
I'll wait till the end of time.
To me the wait is worth it
to be able to call you mine.

Tucked in the shadows of your life
is a place I do not fear,
because if I'm not with you,
I'll be forever near.
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Poem ID: 8924   Poem Posted: 11/9/1998
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Copyright , 11-03-98, Sarah Ann Bruss  all rights reserved by the author.
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