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Missing You
by Justin  XXX

Every time I close my eyes, 
I'm taken back to where we were,
Through the pain and loneliness, 
I think of how much I Love her,
Life in Las Vegas is fast-paced,
It can swallow you up before you know it,
Life with her was beautiful,
But now only memories will show it.

I'm missing you Lish,
Missing the hot tubs,
Missing the cudles,
I'm missing you Lish,
Missing the back rubs,
Missing the best
...friend a person will ever have,
...girl that a guy could ever Love.

All I can hope right now
Is for something in me, or up above
To take shape, to make a miracle,
'Cuz without you in my life you, 
...I am miserable.

Maybe if I pray tonight before I go to bed,
All the darkness, all the pain, 
will get out of my head,
Without you by my side the tears flow freely,
I'm hurting badly,
Passion is a double-edged sword,
to torture me the way it has,
And, yet, I still Love you madly.

Always have,
And always will.
Baby, you are such a thrill.
Always, forever,
Through and through,
I'm dearly missing you.

But, above all... I Love You Still.
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Poem ID: 47894   Poem Posted: 10/15/2000
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Copyright , 2000, Justin XXX  all rights reserved by the author.
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