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for josh (whom i cannot have)
by   Stormdancer :)

and on the shoreline of my dreams
i will find you standing there---
naked, against the storming sky,
the waves crashing over your body,
and your hair
 falling in wet curls
across your cheek.

you will bathe with me
in the ocean;
dance with me in the wind,
make love to me in the raging storm.

and i will love you there.

when on the shoreline of my dreams
i  find you standing there,
i will run to you 
in dream-like softness.

and i will love you there.

(would that i were the one 
who holds your heart)
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Poem ID: 9563   Poem Posted: 1/3/1999
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Copyright , 1998, Stormdancer :)  all rights reserved by the author.
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