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Shattered Little Jagged Shapes
by Xalthia Orion Star

Even though I've tried, I can't sleep at night
Knowing that a change has come and gone,
Blowing over my shadow, knowing I feel hollow,
And taking away all of what was almost mine.

When I need you, what can I do?
There's not a soul or shoulder to cry on.
No colour to cling to, no love to sing to
And I haven't got the strength to carry on.

Like a creeping disease, Loneliness came to me,
Knowing I'm a sucker for his seductive charm.
Now without you I'm cold and blue.
I have no warmth and no out-stretched arms.

Goodbye Happiness; Farewell sweet caress,
I have nothing but the iciness that surrounds me-
Jagged splintered glass- a heart that's fading fast
And a dying patience that someone will find me.
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Poem ID: 53539   Poem Posted: 7/18/2002
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Copyright , 14th December 2000, Xalthia Orion Star  all rights reserved by the author.
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