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Behind the Shadows My Love Awaits
by Rachel Marie Dearing

I raise my eyes to the heavens
A cluster of rain droplets land on my face
The feelings locked so tightly within
Swell and threaten to succeed in their escape.

The tears from the sky slowly slide
Along the stubborn contours of my cheek
My heart is in my hands- I'm on a ride so thrilling 
And frightening, it has robbed me of the ability to speak.

Footsteps behind me cause me to spin
A shadow across the ground is all I can see
You step from the forest wearing a wide grin
That disappears when you view the depth of my love.

A somber look is in your cobalt blue eyes
You take my hands in yours
Cobalt blue eyes meet dark chocolate ones
And I realize... we are one.

We are one in our love for each other
Your soul and mine together, forever
Never will I love another
A smile crosses my lips softly.

As I drown in the depths of your soul
You bring me close to your body
Your lips brush my ear ever so softly,
"Never despair, my love, for I am always with you."

Just before your mouth closes on mine
I whisper, "I love you."
You reply, "I will always love you."
And with those words, our love is sealed in a kiss
As the rain slides down my face.

I love you, Cameron D. N...
always and forever, 
till death do us part.
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Poem ID: 84387   Poem Posted: 2/22/2007
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Copyright , September 25, 2006, Rachel Marie Dearing  all rights reserved by the author.
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