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Eyes on me
by   Sparky

When I look into your eyes
I see something I've never seen before
I'm not sure what it is
But I only see it when you're looking at me

It could just be wishful thinking
But sometimes I'm not sure
I look into your eyes again
And see a little more

My heart is beating fast
My stomach is turning in knots
I try to turn my face away
But your eyes have me caught

I get lost in the simple sight of you
My composure becomes unglued
Why can't I turn my face away,
Is what I'm thinking... true?

Do your eyes say more than your lips;
Do your eyes feel more than your finger tips?
Does your touch mean something true,
Or am I simply falling for you?

Am I as lost as I seem to be,
Lost in your eyes, in their serenity?
Am I as naive as I'm told to be;
Do your eyes see anything in me?

Am I as lost as your eyes say;
Why can't I turn my face away?
Will you tell me what this means
When you have your eyes on me?
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Poem ID: 33082   Poem Posted: 5/20/2000
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Copyright , March 6th 2000, Ayan Elizabeth Leach  all rights reserved by the author.
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