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The Silent Beating of My Heart
by Katie Leann Kilgore

                         Each life is a path,
                      a road destine to eternity.
          Eventually each path of life crosses the path of love.
                  Sometimes the paths become as one,
                  leading together to share eternity.
              Other times, love is just an intersection,
           in which love will always be there on your path,
                but only something you have to overcome
                         to reach your destiny.

       Sometimes I find myself asking where my path is leading me 
                      Is it leading me anywhere.                      
            Am I searching for a love that could never be,
              or will my path cross love yet once again?

        Each day as I make my way a little further down my path,
                I wonder if I have taken the right one, 
                 or will this be yet another blemish 
              added to my tattered path toward destiny?
         How can I be sure I'm headed in the right direction,
                           I ask myself.
                       Only I get no answer, 
                 Just The Silent Beating of My Heart.
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Poem ID: 2607   Poem Posted: 3/18/1998
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