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by Kenneth Ray Carmichael

If Hatred were a man he'd be unwelcomed... a stranger to me
If trust were flowers I'd place them in each room respectively
If understanding were a color those flowers would be bathed in it
I'd stand in a sea of them and be humbled by their magnificence

If Love were a home I would be well inside those doors
If Passion had its own face it would mirror yours
If your smile were a painting hanging on those walls
I'd lie and stare at its elegance and absorb it all

If Beauty were a second the sun wouldn't rise or set ever again
If Dreams were  best-friends they would all be welcomed in
If jealousy were people we would be among our thoughts- but all alone
In our make-beleive moment in time and in our make-believe home
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Poem ID: 46335   Poem Posted: 11/26/2002
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