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Simple Needs
by Wes  Johnson

I have no need of servants, my needs are simple and few,
The trappings of society, for the most part, I eschew.
So, when you look into my eyes, and see the longing there,
Understand the need you sense is not one that ensnares.

I don't need a woman to cook for me or clean,
I don't need a nursemaid, or someone to demean.
I don't need a waitress, or a prop upon my arm,
I don't need a socialite, full of wit and charm.

I've seen your eyes, and felt your heart; I've heard your spirit roar,
There's magic in your soul that I've seen before.
You've sisters in the forests, and sisters in the air,
I know because I've run with them, I smell them in your hair.

When you look into your lover's eyes, do they burn for you?
Do they see beyond your flesh and hunger for that, too?
When they taste your sweating body, do they go insane?
Do they give themselves completely - can you ascertain?

In you the fire that burns forever is as bright as it can be;
You stole my heart, you are my soul, you move alluringly.
I need to feel you feel my love; I must placate this thirst,
Just as the night turns into day, in you I'll be immersed.

When you look into your lover's eyes, do they rage for you?
Does their love burn like red-hot steel - or a slightly lesser hue?
Can they feel your mighty spirit flying through the air;
Do they see the blissful goddess - or do they even care?

Can you remember when we ran through fields and woods and streams?
How I pledged my life and love to you, under the lustrous moonbeams.
You are me and I am you, forever we're entwined;
God touched you, and you touched me; and earth and stars combined...
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Poem ID: 88758   Poem Posted: 5/25/2015
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