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And love was there
by Michael David Coffey

  Light streaming in the 
         cloistered chamber
Sensual softness in
        the lustrous yellow
Of a sun-driven caress
Music of magical dreams
   playing in the warm air
Soothing our being
            And love was there

In memories of moments
       among the dancing waves, 
drifting effortlessly
       On and on and on
Flooding into our minds
       Deep and pure
Loving, longing, 
            And love was there

In the sweet kisses
     of honeysuckle scent
Among the evening perfume
     of orange blossoms
We walked in unison,
          slowly, passionately
Into the horizon of
       distant dusk, 
 dying sunlight
Surrendering to the night
            And love was there

On mountains of stern granite
   painted with clouds of snow
We were together again, scrambling
  over the carpet of strewn boulders
Fighting the bitter cold and
     fierce winds
Breathing the pure
     air of God's creation
Breathless, but energized
            And love was there

In the paradise cove
   of a sandy recluse, hidden
The sun's dazzling outburst
   kissing our nakedness
We embraced with blissful
 listening to the
    surf softly kissing
        the bleached sand
            And love was there

In the church of love,
   glistening white 
         in the gray snow
A new beginning
        The angels were all
 about us, whispering praises
We smiled and looked 
    into each other's eyes
Words unsaid
    but understanding 
    the essence, our union
            And love was there 
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Poem ID: 9495   Poem Posted: 12/28/1998
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Copyright , December 24, 1998, Michael David Coffey  all rights reserved by the author.
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