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The heart    The Philosophy of Love   
By: K P F    
"To open your heart you need many keys,
But each of these keys fulfill different needs, ..."
I loved you yesterday    Love Past   
By: shughey    
"Yesterday, more than ever
Today not at all. ..."
These Eyes    About a Loved One   
By: Ekow Amissah    
"Heavy. That was some mornings ago
with me in the cold cold rain. ..."
BEYOND MY WINDOW    Love Fantasy   
Our Home    Love Remembered   
By: Crisanto G Agtani    
"Your memories linger around the home
We built together. There are so many empty spaces ..."
The Storm    Love Withdrawn   
By: Aphrodite    
"My feet crunch across the brittle grass
The amber sun is fading fast ..."
TULIP    Love Fantasy   
By: Silvana Krculic    
"If I was a Tulip
And you were wind's-wings, ..."
You Said... I love you baby.    Love and Forgiveness   
By: Burgundy Rose    
"You said you'd never hurt me
You'd never leave my side. ..."
A Fragile Rose    Love Described   
By: Michael David Coffey    
"In delicate creation
A fragile fragrance ..."
Erato    Love Fantasy   
By: Robert Santellana Acosta    
With fresh washed hands, ..."
Lost to me forever    Unrequited Love   
By: Bill    
"She is lost to me forever,
She has turned her back and gone, ..."
Breathe Deep    Secret Love   
By: Clay C Smith    
"Breathe Deep
Oh, my soul ..."
Portrait    For That Special Someone   
By: Giles    
"You, my love,
Are like Star-fire ..."
The sea    Love Fantasy   
By: Anna Malgorzata Banasiak    
"Our love is infinite
Your voice ..."
untitled    About a Loved One   
By: Mythology    
"My feelings for you
Cannot be described ..."
With or Without Tears    Love and Family   
By: Ashley M Shane    
"I need you to guide me,
In the right direction. ..."
Figments    Love Remembered   
By: Joshua Louw    
"I'll remember that I cherished
Your phantom form as my own ..."
Always and Forever    For That Special Someone   
By: Nathan Fronk    
"For you I'd make the world turn,
For you my heart will always yearn. ..."
Every second of the night    Secret Love   
By: DreamKnight    
"Before I go to bed each night
I step outside into the light ..."
Love    Love Described   
By: Philip Ryan Kuhn    
"What was it when I looked at you?
What power has chained me through and through? ..."
Cosmos    Love Described   
By: Kenneth Ray Carmichael    
"You had me... even before our very first 'hellos.'
It was during that big bang far out in the cosmos; ..."
Parting Shot    Love and Parting   
By: Humphrey Ogu    
With deepest love, ..."
You Asked For Nothing, Nothing At All    For That Special Someone   
By: Brian Dwayne Koch    
"One time I loved, only to be broken
Then you came along with soft words spoken ..."
The Ghost    The Pains of Love   
By: Brian Earl Cox    
"This can't go on another moment,
the truth, it must be told. ..."
Unpretty    Love and Betrayal   
By: Joni E.    
"As I walk by you in the halls
You act like you don't know me ..."

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