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It doesn't matter    Love Declared   
By: Michael David Coffey    
"Caring as I do
I wander the ..."
Because of you    Love and Hate   
By: Xalthia Orion Star    
"I see in you my tangled head
With all our love and friendship dead. ..."
Love's Brightness is You    Love Declared   
By: Ciara Rose Dominguez    
"I reach for you, call to you
As the darkness wraps it's charcoal coat ..."
Come With Me    Tempted by Love   
By: Steven Mather    
"Come walk with me in flowery vales,
'neath billowing clouds that float like sails ..."
Imagine    Love Fantasy   
By: Anonymous    
You and I alone tonight ..."
Love Zone    Love Fantasy   
By: Sunday B. Fakus    
"A place, where two hearts beat as one
Where the horizon meets the ocean ..."
Mom, I MIss You    Love and Family   
By: M . Valle    
"Gosh, Mom, I miss you.
I wish you were here. ..."
How I wish I could turn back time    Secret Love   
By: Bonnie L. Sewell    
"How I wish I could turn back time
To the days when he was mine. ..."
Sunshine    Pleading For Love   
By: Michael Russel Julian Lucentales    
"The sun drew back to the shadows
Night had taken it's toll ..."
you cried    Love and Parting   
By: roy regan    
"I saw your chalk white smile disappear,
against the backdrop of a deep blue sky. ..."
Dreaming of You    The Power of Love   
By: Frank Evans Hurley    
" I close my eyes and dream of you,
can't sleep the whole night through. ..."
Beauty    Love Declared   
By: Heath Allan Taylor    
"Light breaks through the darkest part
Beauty to soften the hardest heart ..."
The Answer    Love Apart   
By: Arthur Douglas Cloninger    
" When the golden hues of sunset
Sink into the sea, ..."
REMEMBER    Love Past   
By: Judycarlene    
"Do you remember...
Those times we shared? ..."
What Love Is    Love Described   
By: Alan S. Thomson    
"Love is the feeling of joy you experience when
you are with the person of your dreams, ..."
When You Said Goodbye    Love Between Friends   
By: Humphrey Ogu    
"Why did my eyes
swim in tears ..."
Pendulous Gaze    Love Fantasy   
By: Robert Joseph Ammirati    
"The walls were of gray stone, each step
a maze of black and white marble...my ..."
The Piper's Call    Dream Lovers   
By: Skadi    
"How gently you strayed into my dreams,
I am mesmerized by the dark beauty of your smile ..."
Death of a Loved One    Love and Death   
By: Tina Marie Holt    
"In a constricted box you lie!
Silent whispers with tears to trace! ..."
Hiders in the Realm    Unrequited Love   
By: Kaitlan Rain Randell    
"Into the bluest eyes I looked, and saw the pain within
Deep inside his soul I searched and watched his blue eyes dim. ..."
SO LATE    The Pains of Love   
By: Minamivy Fantasy    
"It's so late, you didn't wait for me
Time deleted our memories ..."
How to say goodbye    Love Between Friends   
By: Krystal M. Courtney    
"Sometimes it's hard to say it,
But sometimes it must be heard. ..."
You Steal A Breath    Love Described   
By: Carman Daugherty    
"A secret smile
paints my face happy. ..."
to never...    Love Fantasy   
By: Tara Marie Morris    
"to never get to feel the warmth
of your arms wrapped 'round me tight, ..."
healer    Love Past   
By: Carly Flume    
"I want to drift on a beach
or thread beads onto a string ..."

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