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Watching    Love and Sickness   
By: Mick Goodson    
"I sit by your form
now so battered and worn and ..."
You    About a Loved One   
By: happy girl    
"I looked at you...
your smile caught my eye ..."
Made of Paper    Love and Hate   
By: Rebecca Walkins Randle    
"My flesh is made of paper,
and I hide myself within ..."
Forever, You know    Love Declared   
By: Stephen Martin Dempster    
"I'll be with you wherever you go.
I'll be with you forever, you know. ..."
By The Lake    The Power of Love   
By: Fire Dancer    
"Under the moonlight the lake was still as glass.
Reflections, like a portrait mirrored in the darkness. ..."
Miguelito Strikes Out    Love and Parting   
By: Caroleena Villeda    
"You were my famous Miguel Cabrera in Dodger blue
Yes, that's how special you were to me ..."
Please be There    Unrequited Love   
By: ijustwana mtg    
"It happened once again
I thought I saw your face across a crowded room ..."
rainy day    Love Past   
By: roy regan    
"As the cold, hard rain beats down
upon the roads of ink black tar. ..."
Memorandum    Love and Doubt   
By: Poe's Rose    
"And when I still love you,
(Eighty, ninety?) years from now, ..."
The Dance    Love Remembered   
By: Tina Broderick    
"I saw your face in a raindrop
And stared ..."
Embracing Hearts    Abiding Love   
By: Tamara Beryl Latham    
"Two silhouettes embrace in early sun
Viewed as shadows on the garden wall ..."
Getting Over You    Love Withdrawn   
By: Terry Vanessa Lisbon    
" There used to be an 'us', not a you and a me.
I knew the touch of your hand in mine, ..."
Rushing    Love Declared   
By: Kenneth Ray Carmichael    
"i cannot proclaim my love for thee in a thousand speeches
i cannot show you... no matter how wide my arm reaches ..."
Dreaming about us    Love Between Friends   
By: Phillip Birks    
"Have you ever dreamed of holding the one you love
With the passion of a naked flame ..."
If Loving You Meant....    Love Declared   
By: Suzanne Marie Phillips    
"If loving you meant singing,
then my voice is full of joy. ..."
Dreams Never Do    Love Remembered   
By: Ed Walter    
"Come lie with me
One more time. ..."
DROP IT AS YOU PASS    Infatuation   
By: Alyssa Anne Vitry    
"If you ever see him crying
Like I dared to cry over him ..."
Burnt Orange Tiger Lilies    Love and Death   
By: Terry-Lynn Johnson    
"In front of my childhood home
the sun warmly caressed ..."
Love's Eyes    For That Special Someone   
By: Steven Mather    
"When first I looked into your eyes
each breath became a thousand sighs. ..."
In Dreams    Valentine's Day Poems   
By: Wayne Yu-Wei Chang    
"In dreams, I am with you,
gazing at you, ..."
May life be good to you, my friend    Love Between Friends   
By: Bill    
"May life be good to you, my friend,
May love... in your soul to dwell, ..."
I Think of You    Love and Fear   
By: Crystal Lamkin    
"I hooked up with my friends awhile back
and they kept tellng me ..."
great things have an end ...    Love and Parting   
By: Mindie Sue Moffitt    
"goodbye is never an easy thing to say
but, it was inevitable that we would come to this day ..."
good-bye    Love and Parting   
By: Dana Michelle Lee    
"I miss you already and you're not even gone.
I can't feel your love, now, and i feel so alone. ..."
Thief    Love and Death   
By: L. Carroll    
"A divine soul...

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