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If I... If You...    Love Described   
By: Beth Ann Rock    
"If I closed my eyes
Would you remember the color? ..."
Goodbye    Love and Death   
By: susan-louise hensler    
"You called me names, you made me cry;
But then we changed in the blink of an eye. ..."
for josh (whom i cannot have)    Love Fantasy   
By: Stormdancer :)    
"and on the shoreline of my dreams
i will find you standing there--- ..."
Fireflies    The Power of Love   
By: Brittany Elaine Stacy    
"As we laid there in the dark,
Starring up at what seemed like fireflies, ..."
I Belong To You    For That Special Someone   
By: Stephen Babcock    
"With every breath....
I belong to you. ..."
don't let your eyes wander    Unrequited Love   
By: Amy L Cramer    
"I absorb your moist kisses;
the sweetest ever ..."
To My Dearest Love    The Pains of Love   
By: Marinda    
"In the summer you knew about my love for you.
The flowers bloomed, as my life was coloured in ..."
WHAT DO YOU WANT!    Love and Betrayal   
By: Black    
"What do I have to do,
Put the words in the air? ..."
Lover of the Words    Love and Betrayal   
By: Wes Johnson    
"She was a lover of the words, or so she said, through sweet lips,
Which caressed my soul like warm, flowing honey in June's heat; ..."
It Was Only Words    The Pains of Love   
By: Freddy Juarez Marmolejo    
"I saw a rainbow, but its colors did not glow
I felt a summer breeze, but it was bitter cold ..."
My Everything    For That Special Someone   
By: Todd A Manley    
"With just one touch,
You make me realize so much. ..."
Whispered - Not Yet    Love Remembered   
By: Dr.Who3    
" Dreams,
like syrup, ..."
The Necklace    Love and Death   
By: ITSme    
"I wear a special necklace, its little links are gold
You gave it for my birthday, when I was feeling old ..."
Seasons    Love and Parting   
By: pedro pinon gregorio    
"I will write you a book of seasons -
So you will understand better her climate. ..."
Untitled #2    The Power of Love   
By: C. L. Moylan    
"A bass drum in constant thrum
Mimics the beat of my racing heart ..."
Tornado of Souls    Love and Doubt   
By: Esp    
"The wind blows through my hair
as I am walking all alone ..."
Everything You Do    Love Between Friends   
By: Megan Garnet Fisher    
"I was sitting here thinking
of the words I want to say, ..."
A Ghost    Love Remembered   
By: Ella Kay    
quiet tree-lined trails ..."
With Grace    The Power of Love   
By: Cameron J. Herrington    
"With Grace I lay in a passion's drift
Lovely and loved by the saviour, in her tide ..."
Emotions Run High    The Pains of Love   
By: Ryan Thomas Wurstner    
"Forever was the word, we both had in our hearts,
And I know I'm at fault, because we fell apart. ..."
Cast Away    Love Past   
By: Kim Lorraine Sherriff    
"You cast me out without a thought,
You said respect was what you were taught. ..."
Waiting for Love    Future Love   
By: Isabel Caila Samuels    
"Love is strong, love is true.
I'm waiting for it, longing for you. ..."
One Moment In Time    Love Apart   
By: LeAnn Puglisi    
"This love is so strong and powerful
Making thought once rational- irrational; ..."
Windows    Love Remembered   
By: Erica F. Ross    
"Every once in a while,
I think about him. ..."
Untitled    Secret Love   
By: Echo Mercedes Carter    
"Though I've never met him,
barely seen his face, ..."

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