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Only Time    Unrequited Love   
By: Ella Kay    
"I wanted not your gifts of gold,
Your money spent or stories told. ..."
A Piece of Heaven    For That Special Someone   
By: Connie Hackett    
"My love is vast and deep and whole
Just like the open sea. ..."
Heart Dust    The Pains of Love   
By: C. L. Moylan    
"My mind screams with outrage
At my own stupidity ..."
what...    Confused By Love   
By: Renee Lynn Gill    
"What do you want from me?
Should I just to be some pretty thing ..."
Mother    Love and Family   
By: Barbara E. Rambo    
"Away in my sound proof dimension
I scream, to let my voice be heard ..."
A candied inclination    Love Fantasy   
By: Joy    
"A candied inclination,
deep in my soul lays an aspiration ..."
Which One    Love and Fear   
By: Catherine Moon    
"Is it me in you, I see,
Or, you in me? ..."
The Art of Love    Love Described   
By: Venus    
"Sometimes his love was a song,
a tender melody ..."
Treasured Thoughts    Love Remembered   
By: Aland    
"I lay my head upon my pillow each night
Looking at your picture in the moonlight ..."
Love is Just an Illusion    Love Described   
By: Patrick M. Klein    
"Love is just an illusion
That plays in your mind ..."
circle broken    Love and Parting   
By: David Fronius    
"i thought of turning back
watching her form in the rear view mirror ..."
Last lover    The Pains of Love   
By: Alessandra B.    
"I loved you for your strength
Eagerness ..."
Your Eyes...    Love Described   
By: Babe Tree    
They speak... ..."
Really Loved    Love Declared   
By: Stacy E. Langley    
"Time knows no more than I,
Constant and mute to changes. ..."
Wild fire in your eyes    Love Declared   
By: Enrique Alberto Hurtado Minotta    
"The wild flame of your lovely green eyes
has still not been extinguished, my love, ..."
PATCHES    The Pains of Love   
I Know I'll Love Again    Love Past   
By: Angel    
"How do you repair a heart that's broken?
How do you heal the wounds? ..."
All That I Bleed    The Pains of Love   
By: StArR GaZiNg PuNk    
"Someone got themselves a letter
In the mail the other day ..."
Thief    Love and Death   
By: L. Carroll    
"A divine soul...
For Matthew    Love and Doubt   
By: Sandra J. Rosabella    
"You invade my every thought.
Slip heaven so softly into my head, ..."
from the heart    Secret Love   
By: Hannah Jo Keen    
"If you were a teardrop
In my eye, ..."
A Hope To Die    The Need to be Loved   
By: Roger W Takla    
"Oh, but let me die tonight
While still in the arms of loneliness. ..."
You and Me    Love Apart   
By: Kevin Strong    
"Not a day goes by, I don't see your face
And long to be in your embrace, ..."
Gifts......    About a Loved One   
By: Heath Allan Taylor    
"There are things that money cannot buy
Gifts that develop over time ..."
Worry    Love and Doubt   
By: Valerie Winkle    
"I fall upon my knees...
Hands meshing together ..."

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