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Palace of Failed Lovers
by Mick  Goodson

Pierce my heart on life?s barbed wire
that imprisons, binding me tight.
I once had distant horizons as Urania
but now I have given up all fight.
Much oil was poured on my waters
and for reason let Calliope decide.
After many a mile she abandoned me
so now fate must be my guide.

Do you recall Erato from your pocket I lifted
the secret of love for my soul?
Now those captured words have ruined me
for my passion has turned so cold.
And Polyhymnia, your words sing loudly
but this fool tries to paint them with his pen.
Oh to slip free of guilt's anchor chain
and be lost in your music again.

Now my shadow hides from discarded Thalia
somewhere between light and dark.
She does not think of searching for me;
I am broken and removed from her mark.
For all I once gained from Euterpe
now my wishes fall cluttered at her feet
and are lost as her music once written
in the faint passing of my heartbeat.

A new morning now rises to tempt me,
to make me move or force my hand
but Terpsichore is my Devil of a partner
and naked before me she stands.
Blowing broken kisses of circumstance
to brush gently upon my face;
Removing that which once kept me sane
past days Cleo now wipes without trace.

All the gifts I once held have been given,
offered up in the hope of shared love
but returned without care or purpose
I have nothing now but Stars above.
Oh Melpomene, how you must be smiling
to see all your wishes come true.
As your script so carefully written
I followed... and now fade from view.
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Poem ID: 89310   Poem Posted: 4/15/2017
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