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O Beloved
by Ingrid Showalter Swift

O my beloved ...have I drawn in you 
  luminous inestimable atmospheres 

have I, in black and white droplets... instilled for you 

    is balmy ...devouring and dear

have I seized you ...with careful crystal threads
bound you tight with soluble thoughts that salt and pepper the pages 

in your given name

have I held your hand in running cold ever streams
            let our hand heat ...merging
 ...deny arctic dominion

have we fingered wet rocks side by side...
    our arms extended from our wrists in unison 

               such that you have seen?

O my beloved have I, in song origins ...set in you...
                 a tablet of ascendancy ...the pale radiance 
                     of rapture and the darkened obscurity 
                         of heart-break,

               exhaustion?s collapse

O my beloved have I ever owned your supple maw ...your bowing being
your sequestered self?

             and as for this...

the weight of life is light ...and dense... 
    as sun on water flirts 
        and moon caresses firmness of bush 
            and brook and moth and tree and strikes stars 

              to rip the soul a-wide to all things

O how the flowers explode forth in your name! 

the bees to firmament alight!
the grasses grow deep seed green... sea foam frothy
........perceiving your breath... it?s perfume to bring... my lips

I am as the bark on the tree... cavernous... russet...   
fragile burly brown... 
I am commanding channels ways of spun glass... 
    in orange ...yellow and gold

O beloved?
I am and the sea is my quintessence ...and you are 

...a shell of perfect pearl resting in my pink palm
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Poem ID: 88523   Poem Posted: 9/7/2014
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