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Save My Love "November"
by Sigh  Jackson

Happiness surrounds the sun with laughter, 
Soft music, sweet smelling roses 
And the taste of honeydew melon.
"That's the love I have with you."

Happiness, comforts the sorrow; 
Removes the bliss and confusion
While it builds the foundation. 
It cements and restores the hidden cracks.
"That's the love I have with you."

Happiness, secures the locks, 
Checks the brakes and inspects 
All possible danger.
"That's the love I have with you."

Happiness makes love as two- 
Butterflies fly away together, 
Then drip slowly as the falling rain 
From a tree after a storm,
Until it opens in the morning 
As the first bloom of spring.

It disperses into the filling inside a pastry. 
Then, cooks, toasty as marshmallows, over an open fire.
"That's the love I have with you."

Happiness preaches and tells about itself from rockets, 
spacecrafts, airplanes and it climbs mountain tops 
To reflect it's place.
"That's the love I have with you."

HAPPINESS; Anoints the skin so softly w
With it's oil and fragrances until it finally rests itself 
In the clouds and wishes all a Goodnight.
"That's The Love I Have With You."
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Poem ID: 88587   Poem Posted: 11/12/2014
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Copyright , November 2014, Sigh Jackson  all rights reserved by the author.
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