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by   Ireth

If the sun shall ever refuse to shine,
For me, it is not the sign of apocalypse;
Nor if the north wind should ever fail to freeze the air.
Those are merely shallow meaning phenomena 
Compared to your heartless farewell...

I must confess, I find it unbecoming to conceal vengeance 
In my heart, yet...
Even the most virtuous would have been 
Blinded by the darkest rage, 
If only they had heard the words you?ve uttered.

May God bequeath me Divine Mercy and 
Compassion but sole obstinacy; 
For though the Guardian of Eden deny my soul 
And asphyxiate it in the brightest flame of Hell,
Never shall I accept your worthless repentance.

Thus, I pray that I shall
Be given the chance to blissfully observe 
Your pitiful existence, perished to dust 
In the same place as mine will be....
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Poem ID: 88668   Poem Posted: 3/16/2015
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Copyright , 2004, Ireth  all rights reserved by the author.
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