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Why lie?
by donnie  paschall

Why did you let me love you so much 
and give the response "I love you too?"
Why not just tell the truth? 
    Why lie?
Why did you lead me to believe you wanted all this, 
just to turn around and give it up like it was nothing? 
    Why lie?
Why did you use me like a little toy?
Was I something for you to only enjoy,
then toss aside when you were done?
Well, it hurt me really bad.
I hope you had your fun. 
    Why lie?
You told me you would never leave me,
that you could never let me go.
Now I don't know what to believe or what to do.
It was all a lie, you never loved me like you said.
If you had, you could never leave me like you did.
    Why lie?
Your love means more than life to me 
and if I can't have it then I don't want to live.
So tell me, why did you do it?
Was it a lot of fun to play with my heart,
then turn and tear it all apart?
You said you would never hurt me,
never distrust me or mislead me.
Now I don't know what to believe.
I have nothing to go on but the way you treat me.
    Why lie?
Your trust meant a lot to me 
and you didn't trust me when I really needed it. 
When I needed you to trust me out of couldn't do it.
Now I'm left with my love, alone, feeling like I blew it.
You said you loved me and I thought I knew it.
I guess that's what I get for being so stupid
to believe someone could love me in return.
You never had to lie to me... 
not once... you see,
I love you unconditionally.
No one ever meant this much to me.
When I heard the things you said to me 
it made me feel like I just died.

Now every time I think of you 
I ask myself why you lied.

Poem ID: 55658   Poem Posted: 1/29/2001
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