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by Leesha  Broberg

What we've been through, 
It's amazing.
I couldn't go on 
Without you.
There's too much I would miss.
So many memories I'll never forget...

I'll always remember
The ways you used to 
Try to get me to talk,
I was so shy.
I liked you so much though.

All the games I went
To watch you play, 
Even though you told me not to.

Playing on an empty playground, 
Late at night,
Because we got bored.

All the football games, 
Never watched.
Getting soaked,
And frozen,
Wandering around in the rain.

Staying up late,
Talking on the net
'Bout things we were still too shy
To say in person.

Phone conversations 
That lasted for hours,
Talking about everything.

Arm-wrestling matches
That never got too far,
Just an excuse to hold your hand.

Hanging out on an empty golfcourse
In the middle of the night.
Running through sprinklers
After they unexpectedly turned on, 
On us.

Long bus rides, 
Sleeping next to you.

Sitting in my room all night,
Just the two of us,
Doing nothing but talking.

The way I can talk to you 
About anything,
And how you're the only one 
Who really knows me.

The way you make me smile, 
Cheer me up, 
And make my day perfect.

The things you say
That make me feel,
So wonderful.

How often I say, 
"I love you,"
And actually mean it.

All the times people said, 
They won't make it through again.

And all the times,
We DID. 

How all these memories
Bring me back to you again and again 
And how I will never be able to move on 
'Cause you're perfect.

Poem ID: 21878   Poem Posted: 1/19/2000
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Copyright , 6-11-99, Leesha Broberg  all rights reserved by the author.
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