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Poem Genre
I have found the love of my life...   
by Christian Santner    
"There was a time I thought I could live on my own.
But then I met the woman who has changed my opinion. ..."
Love Declared
come back to me someday,someway   
by mari jo SHUTE    
The Pains of Love
GoodBye My Friend   
by Colleen L O'Connor    
"She sits alone on the sandy shoreline hoping for a miracle.
She knows that fate has had it's final say for them. ..."
Love and Death
Accept Me   
by Katrina Suzanne Van Matre    
"People are differnt
Different views different feelings ..."
The Need to be Loved
I love you   
by Anonymous    
"Seeing you . . . .
sunshine after rain. ..."
Entrapped by Love
All But Dried   
by Sabrina Franceska Hall    
"My eyes try to hide
All the pain inside. ..."
The Pains of Love
by Trisha Kalif    
"Never let there be any doubt
In the love I feel for you... ..."
Abiding Love
A Lost Friend   
by Loralee Jasmine Daniels    
"I know this person
I considered him my friend ..."
Love Remembered
by Natasha Marie Rothwell    
"I have given up
and you have been beside me all the way, ..."
Love Between Friends
by Anonymous    
"When I met you...
I never thought I would love you... ..."
Entrapped by Love
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