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Poem Genre
She's Like a Flower   
by Bobby Wayne Skarpa    
"Sheís like a flower
Soft and spoken is she, ..."
Love Remembered
by Anonymous    
"my angel,
For That Special Someone
"We had the perfect marriage
And the fairy-tale life ..."
Love and Betrayal
Forever Love   
by Jamaal Sumner    
"Together, forever
My eternal love is you ..."
Future Love
The Love of A Daughter   
by Emily Ann McLain    
"Iím going to start out by being honest
But thatís not anything new ..."
Fathers Day Poems
by Dee B    
"It's such a thing to weep
It's such a thing to love ..."
The Philosophy of Love
Missing You   
by Angela Elizabeth Macias    
"Whenever were apart and I am feeling all alone,
I close my eyes and think about all the happiness we've known ..."
The Power of Love
So Much In Love...   
by Jennifer L Taylor    
"So much in love, I cry myself to sleep,
So much in love, when he calls I can barely speak, ..."
Abiding Love
Your Love Completes Me   
by Anonymous    
"I listen to the soft gentle flow of your voice,
Your words touching deep inside my soul ... ..."
Love Described
Love Is Like A Rose   
by JAHIL    
"Love is like a rose
with gentle, tender parts, ..."
The Power of Love
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